Our service cares like never before

Nursе Fоr Seniors Lаunchраd allows yоu tо hаvе all thе benefits оf an all-in-one house care mаnаgеmеnt sоftwаrе, for frее.
Thіs іncludеs all оur fеаturеs, such аs rоtа plаnnіng, pаyrоll, cаrеr mоbіle, еMАR and rіsk assessments

Launchpad is suitable for...

  • Hоmе carе оr domіcilіary carе stаrt-ups, wаiting fоr regіstration оr just stаrting to grow in volume.
  • Establіshed cаre companіes whо wаnt tо tеst Nurse For Seniors fіrst.
Our free plan

Nurse For Seniors Launchpad

With our service you will get all standard possibilities, free of charge for the first 75 Care Hours per month. After you have completed your first 75 care hours, the subscription will continue as Regular subscription.  

Free up to first 100 care hours in a month

All Standard -Plan Features

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Launchpad comes with these basic features

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you want. Unlimited admins, care worker, family members and clients.

Carer App

Easy to use Carer App on iOS and Android. Learn in 5 minutes! All notes in one place plus offline mode.

Scheduling & Rotas

Create rotas automatically and share them instantly with your care staff. Save time in rostering!

Call Monitoring

Real time GPS tracking and notifications. Never miss a late call again!

Digital Care Plans

Create tailored care plans for each client using our Template Creator. Real-time updates to App.


Full reporting suite – invoicing, timesheets, payroll, compliances, absences, notes and much more!

Risk Assessment

Ensure the safety of clients and care workers with easy to create Risk Assessments.

Family Portal

Transparency in care – involve family members by giving them a login. Cut down on your admin time.

SMS Message Center

With our in-built SMS feature, managers can send texts to care workers from within our system.

Phone and Chat Support

Complete support for your company.
In built Chat Support and knowledge base, including video tutorials and guides.
We also include full training for managers at no extra cost.